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The way you see online marketing

Altnet media is a solid partner for business development and online marketing. With powerful webportals our assist in your developing website and online services will get a head start.

Use of social media to target all aspects of your audience

With the introduction of Geotargeting, socialmedia such as Facebook and Twitter has become an important factor for communication with customers.
Googles implementation of Google+ services in search results, replacing sitelinks in some cases, gives your website to hit targeted customer audiences directly.

Facebook allows comapanies to run targeted campaigns, where the audience is your selected city, area or country. As most of us know, the important factor is to drive the potential customer directly to your website where you control the information presented, and the customers is able to contact you DIRECTLY.
Many new information webportals have appeared the last few years and controls much of information presented to searchers of services. You want to control your information and not let others present the wrong phone number for contacts.

Therefore the need for a web-agency that specializes in precece on the internet is unavoidable, wether you update your wesite or let your webmaster take care of it, SEO is no longer as easy as it used to be.